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Does your child really needs only light bright colors in the environment?

Will be it correct to show only one side of the moon to your child?

Or better to show totally opposite sides and your child will decide what to choose?

Do you really give the choice to you child from the very very beginning or you create the ideal picture for your own eyes without really deep care about your child’s worldview?

How you can develop a

comprehensive vision in a child while excluding some palettes from his daily life?

For those parents who are currently thinking about the improvement of children’s rooms, we selected interesting ideas how to add darkness and not to scare child.

Would you like to check, maybe your child needs some deep contrasts and dark colors in his/her individual environment?

Too many questions for this early morning, don’t you think? 😊

We hope you’ll enjoy perfect combination of ethnic design and dark walls.

For more ideas and consultations write us in direct messages

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